theunholypoet asked:

You look perpetually confused in your wee Tumblr photo... and since my dash is just full of you right now, all I keep getting are glimpses of your face and I'm just like "WHAT IS SHE SO CONFUSED ABOUT!?". And I have no idea why I thought it might be an idea to share this with you. It's completely pointless information... :P

a-devil-between-us answered:

oh my god the laugh i just did. i AM perpetually confused Andy! thanks for noticing :p also my apologies for taking over your dash, i’m procrastinating…





Better you than some of the other stuff I see on here :P!

But what are you perpetually confused about?

hahaha aw! i dread to think. plus you can get a wee laugh every time i post something now!

uh… good question. the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

Yeah, that’s true.

And 42. There, your problem is solved. Now you can concentrate on more important things… like art, culture, or foodstuffs that taste better with peanut butter :P.

oh… well that was simple! no cool discovery adventures for Kirstie! -throws in the towel… literally-

but nothing tastes better with peanut butter :(

Don’t throw your towel! What happens if the vogons catch you and you don’t have it!?

Also, I forgot you don’t like peanut butter… I’d say it’s a shame but realistically that just means more for me… the guy who is slowly but surely developing a nut allergy (wasn’t fun finding that one out).